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By using the best tools for carpet cleaning Portland OR and a wide variety of cleaning methods, our company will guarantee you a clean carpet, looking like new and smelling fresh again. The perfect combination of excellent cleaning solutions, professional cleaners with years of experience and equipment, will always leave happy and satisfied customers here,in Portland OR.

Why is carpet cleaning so important?

Two-third of our live we spend inside. The quality of the climate inside our house is therefore very important for our health. For many this is unknown, but inside our houses are small dust particles floating around which can be dangerous for our health. Research has shown that there are 50% less particles in rooms with soft carpets than there are in rooms with hard floors, like vinyl. These particles determine the quality of our houses and the air quality inside.
But this might seem convenient and healthy, having a soft carpet doesn't mean that you are not at risk. It only means that these particles are stuck inside the carpet and are not floating around as much. This, of course, means that you need to clean your carpets regularly to reduce any risk of allergies or asthma. Clean carpets are just better for your health, besides that fact that some stains are hard to get cleaned.
If you make a carpet cleaning by yourself, you will not always get the best results. Superficially, the carpet might look clean, but deep inside the fibers and texture, stains and particles can still stick. Bacteria can form as well, as they thrive in darker, dirty places, invisible for the normal eye.
Do-it-yourself cleaning solutions and the use of simple tools will just not do the job properly. You will need the help of professional cleaners of carpet cleaning Portland OR to clean your carpets properly.Our professional company have the use of super solutions, professional cleaners with experience in cleaning anything and the use of the newest high-tec equipment. You will be left with a stainless, spotless and healthy carpet.

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Carpets in your house are really pretty for the eyes, nice to walk on and they give a cool and warm atmosphere around in the various rooms. Specific colors and the newest structures can be bought these days, to fit in to any room of your house.The problem is the carpet cleaning. Regular vacuum cleaners doesn't always clean all the way. You will only clean the superficial dust and sand, clean stains, but the real dirt is still stuck deep in the fibers. You will need professionals of carpet cleaning Portland OR, who clean this thoroughly for you.

Upholstery Cleaning Portland

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Your beautiful sofa is smudged with a visible stain. Your chairs are not yet ready to be replaced, but the fabrics are looking dull, although re-upholstering of furniture very expensive is. In these and other cases, our company will offer the solution.Cleaning your furniture will decrease the time of replacement. Regular cleaning will make them last longer. With the special fabrics that are used these day for your furniture, you will also need the help of professionals, and not start cleaning the furniture yourself.As we talked about carpet cleaning even your sofa needs to be clean by our professional company team.

Tile and Grout cleaning Portland

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A bathroom needs to be clean, as it is the place you go to become clean. A kitchen needs to be clean, as it is the place where you make you food. It is therefore within this context that you need to live in a clean environment. Hidden dirt inside fabrics and on and between tiles need to be clean properly and regularly. Hygiene in the bathroom and kitchen, and other places where you might have tiles, are necessary. It decreases the development of mold and bacteria.

Water extraction Portland

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Water damage can be unforseen and very inconvenient. It can arise from various sources, such as hurricanes, floods, broken pipes, leaking washing machines and leaking roofs. The first step you have to take is to get it all dry and cleaned up as fast as possible. Leaving water inside a house or office can cause large problems. Not only will it weaken structures, it will also cause nasty molds.Water damage can cause a large amount of various molds.

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